About Us

“Organic Solutions” is not just any ordinary company; it’s a team of passionate and dedicated experts who are relentlessly committed to offering exceptional organic solutions that are sustainable for people and the environment. Over the past five years, we have strived to build a reputation for excellence and reliability in the industry through our hard work and dedication to our customers.

We have achieved success by remaining focused on delivering the best quality solutions via cutting-edge technologies and innovative techniques. Through our work, we not only create top-tier results, but we also make a real impact on the environment.

Our team comprises experienced professionals who are committed to surpassing your expectations and collaborating with you to accomplish your goals. We comprehend that every client is unique, which is why we tailor our solutions to meet individual needs and objectives.

Organic Solutions is driven by passion and pride in what we do. Our ultimate objective is to work with you hand in hand, ensure your satisfaction at every stage, and help you achieve success. Contact us today, and together we can achieve your organic farming goals and get you to the top.

4 Months after I broke my back, I started treatment with a lot of pain and walking hunched over. After just one hour of treatment, I walked out straight and virtually pain-free. Now, one year later and with only one repeat treatment, I am still incredibly happy and amazed by the result - pain-free. Thank you
Durk Ypma
In February 2019, I came to Tanja with lung problems - COPD and emphysema. After a few treatments, I noticed that I could breathe better. After undergoing new lung tests in the hospital, it turned out that my oxygen uptake had also significantly improved. A body analysis also revealed that there was something wrong with my eardrum due to a brain tumor. I had problems with my ears after the operation, but after the treatment, these problems disappeared as well. Thank you, Tanja.
Maureen Peijnenburg